After planning on fine-tuning an American staple and creating a fresher, more sophisticated burger version, Yoon Seong-ho, CEO of Fault Burger’s parent company, applied the same fresh vision to the design of this burger joint. Located in Seoul, South Korea, Fault Burger is a fun celebration of everything tennis and a cool place to hang out. Its sports-inspired restaurant design is an Orewase creation and a perfect example of how a clear theme and creative treatment can turn a business into a success.

Sports-inspired restaurant design with a tennis theme

All the design elements are inspired by those of the tennis court and are created with an obvious sense of humor. Even the bleachers have a counterpart in one of the seating areas of the restaurant. The tiered rows of chairs come with white tables that “disappear” against the white background, keeping the illusion of the court intact.

Bleacher-style seating in tennis-inspired restaurant

The counter takes a hint from the world of sports with a locker look, while the menu board and the LED scrolling sign add more tennis-inspired details. Wall signage pays tributes to the sport of tennis or indicates the purpose of the functional areas.

Locker-style counter in restaurant design with a tennis theme

An outside area recreates the look of the tennis court with white markings against a blue background. A tennis net divides different eating areas and inspires other elements of design. Among them, white crates are stacked to create tables and stools in two more seating areas on each side of the net, a subtle nod to the two tennis “adversaries.” All across the store, the unequivocal red-and-blue palette mixes with the iconic white for a clean look with strong sports vibes.  

Netting used as a divider in sports-themed restaurant

Finding its power in details, Fault Burger’s sports-inspired restaurant design shows the great impact of an awesome idea, even within a limited budget.

Entrance to a restaurant with tennis-themed design elements

Restaurant design: Orewase
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