Passage from candy store to arcade game room

Sweet Life  is an arcade game room with an adjacent candy store that offers a complete fun experience to families looking for amusement in Uvalde, Texas. We have recently completed the interior of both areas by dreaming up an inviting arcade room design and a bright and colorful candy shop.

Dark blue arcade room interior design

While the game room gives off sci-fi vibes and makes use of dark colors and minimal strategic lighting, the candy store is the exact opposite. When emerging from the arcade area into the candy shop, the gamers are welcomed by a bright space, where the purple, blue and orange tones reintroduce them to the beauty of color. 

Purple candy store near arcade room

Since children are Sweet Life’s main customers, we looked for and found our inspiration in two board games that provided us with great ideas in terms of chromatic choices and design elements. We opted for a strong palette of both warm and cold tones, but used them differently from one room to another.

Game board serving as inspiration for game room design

One of the design elements that we borrowed from one of these board game was a small winding “road” in blocks of blue and purple tones that connected the game room and the candy store. While the border of this path changed from one room to another, the road created the necessary tie between these two very different areas so that the overall design would not look disjointed.  

Floor plan for candy store and arcade game room

In the game room, a circular starry-sky recessed ceiling surrounded by blue lights creates the illusion of an opening into space. The dark carpet with colorful star patterns enhances the sense of traveling into another world, while the custom wallpaper seems to suggests the presence of mysterious lights.  

Starry sky ceiling in arcade design

Here, the winding road plays the additional role of directing traffic and creating a sense of order and direction. Those who enter this space can choose the games on either side of the road, but they are compelled to leave the path and allow for the traffic across the room to flow unencumbered.

Using dark colors in designing a game space

Beyond the arched entrance to the candy shop bordered by neon lights, a lively colection of patterns and colors refreshes the eye and opens customers’ appetite for flavorful sweets. Custom wallpaper covers all the walls with either pastel stripes or “gamer” graphics.

Candy pattern wallpaper for candy interior

A series of various custom shelving plays both a functional and decorative role. Colorful plastic laminate dresses out the layered circular candy displays that border the main path, while additional arched shelves with bottom drawers refresh the room with a touch of white and give walls some added structure and visual interest. 

Circular shelves in candy store interior

All design details are meant to prompt customers to satisfy their appetite for sweet treats. The candy patterns and the oversized lollipop decor create a sense of abundance while tying together the colors of the space. 

Candy decor for sweets shop design

The large windows that allow the natural light to flood in, together with the white ceiling and light vinyl floors, keep the room radiant and bright despite this buoyant explosion of color.

Different kinds of shelving in candy store interior

The ceiling landscape is an interesting layering of curved soffits, recessed lights and a variety of pendants that reiterate the colors used in the shop and arcade room design. Ocassionally, the shelves and walls are decorated with cloud-shaped mirrors in acrylic frames. A circular opening into the arcade room allows for an extra peek into the area where all the excitement begins.

Purple and orange decor for sweets shop

For both the arcade room design and the candy shop, we chose materials that are durable and easy to maintain, such as vinyl floors and quartz countertops.

Materials and inspiration board for candy shop and arcade design

In order to make the name of the store stand out, we opted for just purple and white for the striped scalloped canvas canopy at the entrance.

Colorful entrance design for game room

The store and arcade room’s logo brought together the colors of the interior and captured in its informal fonts all the fun that is awaiting inside. 

Logo design for arcade game room


Bright Pantone colors for arcade room interior

Web colors for arcade room marketing collateral

Along with the logo, we provided the Pantone and RGB colors for further use in creating marketing collateral.

Arcade logo on baseball cap and shirts

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