Cafe design in refreshing bright colors

Located in beautiful La Jolla, California, with its spectacular rugged coastline and vast ocean views, The 20 Boba Tea shop has everything going for it to become a cool hotspot for friends who want to catch up over a delicious treat. To be in tune with the happy vibes of its location, we came up with a fun and invigorating boba tea store design that refreshes the eye and prepares the tastebuds for the happy encounter with the popular drink.Seating area in green and yellow bubble tea store interior

We opted for a bright and energizing color palette of yellow, orange and green that evokes the flavors and freshness of fruits. While these strong tones have the ability to take over a space, we alternated them with vast expanses of white and with neutral shades. This makes the interior appears light, airy and relaxing. 

Black accent walls anchor the whole design, give it visual stability and offer an excellent background for an oversized display of the store logo.

Large windows in colorful bubble tea store design

Simple geometrical wall accents make use of paint for a budget-friendly but effective visual solution. The graphics incorporate circles that call to mind the tapioca pearls at the bottom of every bubble tea drink. The same circles make an appearance in the shape of the pedestal tables and the white plant containers that take them into 3-D territory.

Airy boba tea store design in green and yellow

The presence of blond-colored wood brings in a modern-spa kind of visual calm. Next to the strong-willed back-lit yellow counter and the lime-green soffits, walls, furniture and upholstery, these occasional touches look subtle, but powerful. Custom plywood bench and chair frames make for a unique addition to the white collection of easy-to-maintain chairs. Simple open shelves built of the same plywood are the only accents needed to fill in the white walls.


Material and furniture board with modern pieces for bubble tea shop interior

We chose a combination of black metallic light fixtures with cage-shaped shades and simple pendants that we lined on a stainless-steel soffit above the counter to emphasize its shape. Their light construction keeps this boba tea store design modern and uncrowded. Recessed lights provide generous illumination and help augment the light that bounces off the quartz counter top and the white walls and furniture. Wood floors and gray wall tiles provide the needed texture variation while remaining in a neutral zone that allow the bright colors to be the main actors. 

Store elevation for modern tea cafe

The 20 Boba Tea store will open this winter at 915 Pearl St., LaJolla, Califonia 92037.

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