Unconventional cafe interior ispired by greenhouse concept

Drivers on one of the busiest highway in Guatemala City are teased by the solid-red facade of a building that raises above the others, and by the “flying” cars seemingly colliding with the imposing structure. While this may be in itself a sight to behold, those curious enough to stop and enter are soon to discover an equally fascinating interior and a unique cafe design worthy of a visit.

Red monolithic facade of coffee shop with protruding cars

Designed by Taller KEN, a New York and Guatemala-based architecture firm, Madero Cafe draws its inspiration from the look and workings of a greenhouse. Bringing together plants, light and a watering system, the cafe seems to take the concept seriously. The interior bursts with color inspired by its tropical theme. The refreshing shades of green brought in by the plant’s foliage, the colorful furniture, the quirky upholstery, the large watwer containers, and the car that serves as an impromptu plant pot combine into a playful chromatic mix.

Unique cafe design with indoor tropical vegetation

The open-air sawtooth skylights provide generous daylight and give customers the pleasant feel of an ample and airy space. Rainwater from the roof is collected into five large watertanks and used to water this indoor tropical forest. Vintage cars take the theme of the facade indoors.

Water tanks used for collecting and storing rainwater

Different types of seating options acommodate different needs or preferences, with three semi-circular nooks providing more substantial privacy. Above each of these nooks, huge chandeliers dressed in flowing greenery create a spectacular view. 

Green plants hanging from large chandeliers in unique cafe design

Custom-made concrete tiles in colorful shades create an ingenious mosaic with artistic virtues, but also with a clear functional role. The colors define the different areas of the coffee shop and tease customers into exploring all its corners.

Colorful tiles create unique floor patterns in cafe interior

Making use of local materials and allowing itself to be influenced by local themes and colors, this unique cafe design refuses to fit the mold and offers a memorable experience to those who visit.

Open-air sawtooth skylights provide ample light for coffee shop

Designer: Taller KEN
Via designboom.com
All photos: Marcelo Gutierrez via designboom.com

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