If you own a dessert store, offering a generous product selection is essential to attract today’s sophisticated customers. Even more, reinventing yourself and introducing new desserts based on new trends keeps it all fresh and ensures constant interest in your business. In order to do this, some new dessert shop equipment is in order, so we rounded up a few of our favorites below.

Photo above: Nostalgia Chocolate Fountain from Wayfair

Chocolate fountain

While desserts may be fun to look at on their little shelves, there is nothing like a dynamic display piece to attract attention. Enter the chocolate fountain cascade, the dream-turned-reality of chocolate enthusiasts. If there are stores that build huge such structures to serve this awesome idea, you don’t need such dedication. When you don’t have the space, a small or medium-size chocolate fountain may be just what you need to allow your customers to dip their own desserts or watch your employees artfully do it. 

Chocolate fountain dessert shop equipment surrounded by dipping treats

Nostalgia Chocolate Fountain from Wayfair

Bubble waffle machine

In recent years, the bubble waffle seem to have conquered the hearts of trendy dessert hunters. Endless ways to fill, shape, customize and serve this fun dessert allow for creativity and for more chances to attract customers. Originating in Hong-Kong, bubble waffles are an ideal contender for the perfect Instagram picture.

Ice-cream-filled bubble waffle

Bubble Waffles via Pinterest

To make all this possible, a bubble waffle machine is all you need. Features to look for are non-stick plates, a rotary feature, a dishwasher-safe drip tray, and the ability to bake the perfect bubble waffle fast and comfortably guided by audible beep alerts.

Bubble waffle shop equipment

Waring Commercial Bubble Waffle Maker from Hubert

Stick waffle machine

Your waffle adventure, however, doesn’t have to stop here. If you are looking for a different way to serve yours, consider waffles-on-a-stick. Easy to carry and eat, they can easily become a favorite with kids. Different toppings can turn them into fancy desserts that appeal to adults. 

Waffles-on-a-stick with various toppings

Waffle-on-a-Stick via ALD Professional Kitchen Equipment

The piece of dessert shop equipment that can deliver this is the stick-waffle machine. Adjustable temperature control, fast cooking time, a rotating design and an insulated handle make the job efficient and safe. 

Waffle-on-a-stick machine for trendy dessert shop equipment

Stick Waffle Machine via Goodloog Kitchen Equipment

Chimney cake grill machine

We talked before about one of our favorite Eastern European dessert, the Kurtoskalacs, also known as the chimney cake. A Transylvanian treat that is found under different names in other parts of Europe, the chimney cake is made of yeast dough wrapped around a cooking roll, sprinkled with sugar and baked in  a special machine.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to import a dessert of a very particular shape, texture and flavor into a country where dessert lovers are on a constant look to try something new. Investing in a chimney cake grill machine may be your ticket to attract such a clientele. 

Kurtos baked in chimney cake grill machine

Two sweet Kurtos being baked on a Gas Grill 8 machine.

Created by Twister Cake Bakery, USA.

Shake freezers and batch freezers

When it comes to ice cream and frozen yogurt stores, especially the ones with self-serve areas, shake freezers and batch freezers are not optional. Taylor combo freezers allow you to serve both milkshakes and ice-cream (cones, sundaes, and whirl-ins), at the price of a modest footprint. Taylor batch freezers create even more opportunities to serve a large selection of frozen desserts, from sorbets to gelatos, and are a great fit for businesses such as coffee shops, bakeries and ice-cream stores. 

If you want more information about this type of dessert shop equipment, contact Wayne Bosna, the District Sales Manager of Taylor Freezers of California (7970 Convoy Court, SanDiego, CA, 92111) at [email protected].Shake freezer equipment for dessert shops

Shake Freezers by Taylor

Batch freezer equipment for dessert stores

Batch Freezers by Taylor

Popsicle machines

The perfect summer treat and a favorite with kids, the humble popsicle will most likely never lose its charm. When you add your own flavors, toppings or original presentation, the likeability factor goes even higher. 

Pink popsicle in tall glasses

To bring your own creations to life or to use only the best ingredients, a make-it-yourself approach and a popsicle machine are a must. Our partners at TurnKey Parlor offer the Robopop model. perfect for small or medium businesses. The tampered-glass lid allows you to keep an eye on your desserts during operation. The machines can make aerated popsicles for a creamier texture and turn out more than 300 popsicles per hour. 

If you are interested in the Robopop popsicle machine, you can contact the company directly by phone at 877-817-5176 or by email at [email protected].

Popsicle machines for dessert shops

Robopop 2.0 from FreezerPlanet.com

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