Neon LED sign for Selfie Wall

We have confessed before that we have a soft spot in our designers’ hearts for neon signs as elements of decor for commercial spaces. We appreciate them even more as an opportunity to use social media to promote restaurants, cafés or bars. Using cool neon signs for selfie walls is one simple, cheap, yet effective way to appeal to passionate selfie-takers and make your business go viral. 

Picture above: Angel Wings Neon Sign by PlayPath on Etsy

While there are more elaborate strategies to create selfie walls by using murals, greenery, or even unique wall tiles, you need a minimum of effort to achieve a silimar result by bringing in the humble yet oh-so-cool neon sign. Energy-efficient, suitable for small spaces, affordable, yet impactful, neon signs allow you to put together a selfie wall in no time and unleash the power of free viral promotion.

If you need some inspiration on how to choose or use neon signs for selfie walls, you may appreciate the ideas below.

Business Name or Logo

Of course, the best way to promote your business is to make your restaurant, coffee shop or bar name appear clearly in your customers’ selfies. Neon signs with your business logo are a simple way to appeal to those outgoing customers who collect photo souvenirs of the places they visit. In addition, you don’t need a dedicated wall for such a logo; an accessible space that makes selfies easy to take is sufficient. 

Business name neon sign for selfie walls

Neon Bar Sign by Boss Design SVC on Etsy

Angel Wings

Everybody likes to strike a memorable pose, and the angel wings neon signs offer a fun opportunity to do just that. If your customers feel the need to look angelic or, on the conttrary, send their friends a message that the mood is exactly the opposite, your neon sign and selfie wall gives them a chance to craft just the right message and have some fun doing it. 

This kind of neon sign for selfie walls seem to be as popular as ever, and a great investment in your marketing strategy.

"Let's get this party started" neon sign above restaurant counter

“Let’s Get This Party Started” Neon Sign by Colourful Neon on Etsy

Smart Messages

There is nothing that makes a coffee lover or a wine aficionado want to snap a picture faster than a smart message about their favorite product. If you own a coffee shop, bar or pizzeria, a fun neon sign that captures the essence of your food or drinks is not only appetizing, but also likely to entice your customers to share the message.

Colorful neon sign with smart message for coffee shops

Einstein’s Equation Neon Sign by Artheon on Etsy

Calls to Action

Don’t underestimate the power of your humble neon signs to be the catalyst for an impromptu party. While most signs are great backdrops for fun memories captured in photos, you don’t always need to wait for the word to spread. A quick selfie sent to friends can bring more customers to your door in a matter of minutes. 

"Let's get this party started" neon sign against green selfie wall covered in greenery and flowers

Party Neon Sign by Colourful Neon on Etsy

“Selfie” Signs

Selfie signs stating the obvious can infuse the moment with humor. They provide a clear call to action that often proves irresistible to those who can‘t pass up such an opportunity. It‘s also a humorous way to get straight to the point of what you‘re suggesting.

Simple "selfie" neon sign in yellow

Selfie Neon Sign by City Neon on Etsy


Pictures are worth a thousand words when it comes to neon signs as well. A simple image of a pizza, an icecream cone or a glass of wine can transform an empty wall into a popular spot for selfie lovers.

Pizza neon sign on restaurant wall

Cool Cartoon Pizza Neon Sign by Sheraton Decor on Etsy

Stage Setters

What better way to convince your customers to snap pictures than by setting the stage for them? Anything that can fire their imagination and make them want to play a role is a great contender for a winning neon sign.

Uplifting messages that your customers could send their friends? Images of a pizza dripping with cheese or of a wine glass waiting to be grabbed and emptied? Celebration signs that capture the good vibes of the moment? The ideas are endless, and your customers may rush to strike a fun pose and share the fun. 

Selfie Wall Idea with Neon

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